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Lots of piping!

Today I needed to lower the run priority of a load of jobs running on one of my linux boxes, and this needed the above command. I was quite please with it, four commands, each piping output to the next: ps-ef lists the running processes on the system egrep… filters them to python3 jobs owned […]

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Copy file attributes only

I’ve recently bought a 3TB hard drive to replace the now-full 750GB one in my desktop. I copied all the data across a couple of days ago, but of course I forgot to copy attributes, so now all my files have modified dates of 2015 instead of when they truly originated. This isn’t all that important […]

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Epson C1100N, Ubuntu 12.04, and AppArmor

What a pain that was! Some months ago I decided to upgrade my Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx to the 12.04 Precise Pangolin. I while back I made the decision to only do upgrades to the LTS (long term support versions) as I realised that far too much of my life was spent “fixing” upgrades. It […]

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