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Delete orphaned jobs in Condor

I had occasion recently to delete a lot of jobs in Condor that were orphaned. This means that they’d stalled, condor_rm had been called on them, and they’d kept the machines “claimed”. condor_rm -forcex had removed them from the global queue but the machines remained claimed! In this situation, we really need to call condor_vacate on […]

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Java TreeSet copying

There are (at least) three ways to shallow copy a TreeSet in Java: the copy constructor, addAll(), and clone(). A piece of code I’m running needs to copy a few fairly big TreeSets, so I was interested to see if there were any performance differences. It turns out that there are. So, we’re generating 5 […]

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Joomla columns

I’m currently migrating the NESYFC website’s content management system from the now-very-out-of-date Joomla 1.5 to 2.5, with the aim of going for 3.x soon enough. (actually, once the hosts upgrade their PHP version to the one needed for 3.x) So far it’s been going smoothly enough, with a few small wrinkles. I used SPUpgrade to migrate the […]

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