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Hanns-G HX191D monitor repair

Maybe this will be useful to someone! Many years back (2006 I think) I bought two Hanns G HX191D monitors – 19″ TFTs – and have been very happy with them since. Not a dead pixel in 10 years! Sadly, one of them started cutting out a few months ago, the power cycling on-off, so […]

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CULA – work in progress

A big chunk of my research work – including my phd – has been development of the Markov fitness model (MFM). In short, this is a probabilistic model of the fitness function in an evolutionary algorithm. Originally this was used in an estimation of distribution algorithm for generating new solutions. More recently, I’ve looked at […]

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Epson C1100N, Ubuntu 12.04, and AppArmor

What a pain that was! Some months ago I decided to upgrade my Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx to the 12.04 Precise Pangolin. I while back I made the decision to only do upgrades to the LTS (long term support versions) as I realised that far too much of my life was spent “fixing” upgrades. It […]

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