Mostly this blog is for my benefit – my memory is terrible so it’s somewhere to keep track of the various technical things I’ve played with so I don’t forget what I’ve already learned. Consequently some of what will appear here will be pretty mundane, although I will have had a flicker of joy what I discovered it. If others get some benefit from what appears here, then all the better.

What is the grid?

The Grid was a spoof of the Matrix that some friends and I were working on when I was at uni. As is the way with such projects, it was never finished, but I was left with a legacy of a URL that I quite liked and kept for development purposes (i.e. playing). Anyway, it’s now time for a blue pill.

Who is oldchap?

That’s me… Sandy Brownlee, a computer scientist currently employed as a postdoc at the University of Stirling, Scotland. You can find out about my non-technical life on my family blog at www.brownlees.net, my publications at my google scholar page, and my official university profile here.

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